Dry Cell HHO Generator Plans

Best Dry Cell Hydrogen Generator Plans In The Market (IMO)

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Welcome Fellow Auto Enthusiasts!

hho dry cell plansIf you like tinkering with your car AND saving money, you will LOVE converting your favorite car into a hydrogen hybrid!

I first started looking at hydrogen technology out of necessity.  In June of 2009, my employer of 12 years thought I was redundant.  Although getting laid off isn’t uncommon these days, it hit me hard.  I have two kids to support and need all the money I can get.  Thankfully, I found a new job.  But with 20% less pay and a 46-mile round-trip commute, filling up my Ford Ranger was sucking my income.

So, I started looking for easy and cheap ways to increase fuel economy

I tried the easy techniques to save gas. . .drive slower, carry less, and taking short cuts.  I saved a little but not enough to make the kind of difference I needed.

I researched and tested for months.  From bio-fuel and gas additives. . .I tried it all with limited success.

One day, I stumbled upon dry cell hydrogen generation

Promising up to a 50% increase in fuel economy, I finally hit on something that could make a real difference to my wallet!  Hoping the product would deliver as advertised, I ordered the plans.  The next weekend, plans in hand, I gathered all the materials and assembled the system.  I have to admit, it was thrilling to turn the engine on and see the cool system start producing HHO!

Converting my truck into a hydrogen (HHO) hybrid was the best decision ever!

Not only was the setup easier and cheaper than I expected, but the savings are phenomenal!  It feels great to know my truck is now a super economical vehicle.  I’m not a nut about “Global Warming” but I do feel good about decreasing emissions, too.  And, my baby runs like a dream.

“Non-Dry Cell” Hydrogen Generator Plans?

hydrogen generator plansIn case you don’t know, “non-dry cell” technology also receives great reviews and has been around longer as well.

Here is the “non-dry cell” hydrogen generator plans I can recommend.  Why? Because I also bought the plans while I was researching and found them to be very solid plans to follow. I just didn’t go that way as “dry cell” technology happened to be my personal choice.

Interested in seeing how your vehicle could be converted to hydrogen?

Getting a good set of plans is a must.  I recommend the site I used.  I opted to go with dry cell generation but like i said, “non-dry cell” technology has also been pretty popular.  If you want to go that route, check out the plans on this site.

By the way. . .a bit about cost. . .

I spent about $150 for the plans and all materials to convert my Ranger but it can be cheaper if you shop well.  With the miles I drive, I figure I got my investment back in a couple of months.

Good luck!